Slash Your Energy Bills With Roof Restoration In Darwin

There is no reason to replace your roof when roof restoration in Darwin provides reduced roof temperatures and offers a solar reflection that can reduce energy usage. Cool Roof Restoration takes pride in using next-generation roof paints that reflect the heat of the sun to help lower your energy costs. 

What You Can Expect from Cool Roof Restoration 

Before we apply heat reflective paint to any roof, we perform a complete inspection and provide roof leak repair in Darwin. While the membrane paint will cover micro leaks, larger leaks require repairs before painting to ensure they don’t continue leaking. 

  • Roof screws can become loose over time, and we check and repair them all as part of our service before commencing the painting. We thoroughly clean the roof before application to ensure adequate coverage for maximum benefits.
  • If your roof is showing its age, re-roofing in Darwin may be required. Our extensive roofing experience gives you an adequately prepared roof base that eliminates leaks and provides a foundation for reflective paint.
  • We use the latest generation of roof paints that can increase total solar reflectance by as much as 90% and reduce roof temperature up to 50%. Energy savings of 20% have been noted due to reflective roof paint. 

What Sets Cool Roof Restoration Apart Regarding Darwin Roof Restoration

We have over 15+ years of industry experience under our belts and have been trained by the paint manufacturer ensuring that we complete every roof painting project professionally. Our qualified roofers and painters apply their experience with tropical conditions on every project. 

  • We offer free quotes with no pressure: We come to your home, perform a complete inspection of your roof and prepare a quote for you to review. We won’t bother you again until you’re ready to get started.
  • Our experience includes tile roof restoration in Darwin: Ensuring your tile roof receives the same experience and workmanship as those made of metal. We perform the same inspections to ensure every tile is seated and appropriately secured before painting begins.
  • As part of our service, we will clean your gutters free of charge: Keeping gutters clean reduces insect breeding and lengthens their lifespan, preventing water damage to the building structure.
  • Ask about our value-added services: It’s not uncommon for roof screws in tropical weather areas (Darwin included) to come loose. At Cool Roof Restoration, we fix these loose screws for free in the course of our work. We’ll also clean out your gutters for you — a $300 value offered entirely free for our customers. 

Our extensive experience and commitment to quality ensure that your roof will be leak-free and the paints used will prolong its life. 

Why Cool Roof Restoration is Cost-Effective 

Applying heat reflective paint to a roof will lower energy consumption and reduce energy bills. It helps keep your home cooler and provides a longer life for your roof overall. Reflective roof paint is a positive attribute when selling your home when potential buyers know they will enjoy reduced energy costs. 

When you’re ready to reduce your utility bill, give us a call and ask about additional roof ventilation services that provide more significant energy cost savings. Keep the heat out with roof restoration services that prolong the life of your roof and help maintain cooler temperatures inside for you and your family. Call us on 0450388275 or get an obligation-free quote.


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